New World Saison [N.W.A.] - 40 pt. (4 kg premium kit)


A golden high strength saison with New Zealand hops

Saisons as a beer style have always tended to be a style that fosters experimentation, especially in the US. This beer combines a traditional Belgian yeast that has accentuated spicy, peppery and fruity estery yet dry character with the best of New Zealand hops and American hopping techniques. 

This is a cutting edge beer style that is growing in popularity in the UK and the US. Youngs have packed into this beer, two hops from New Zealand, Pacific Jade and Motueka characterised by their heavily fruity, spicy lime, lemon zest and black pepper characteristics that work amazingly well with the unique saison yeasts spicy and peppery character. Dry hopping with these hops means that the hop character is super fresh and bright, lending a great drinkability to this already refreshing beer.

This beer pours a lovely gold with a fluffy white head, an amazing aroma of spicy limes, Belgian esters and soft fruit character explode from the glass. On the palate the body is biscuity and dry with a lovely crisp acidity that cradles the spicy notes to perfection. At a healthy 6.3% abv, this beer is still extremely drinkable belying its strength, the perfect hoppy yet drinkable blend of styles in a glass. 

 4Kg Net weight approx. 6.3% abv

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