American Pale Ale [A.P.A.] - 40 pt. (3.6 kg premium kit)


Beautiful sweet malty flavours backed up with a vibrant hop character, bursting with intense and juicy nectarines, perfectly balanced,  light and very refreshing.

California is widely considered the birth place of the American Craft Pale, brewers in california use judicious amounts of American Hops to craete a taste sensation! These hops along with a clean yeast character are the building blocks to creating a fantastic American Pale Ale.

Youngs have created their own American pale ale by combining the very best ingredients available; beautiful malt that has lovely caramel and biscuit tones to support two powerhouse American hops: Columnus and Centennial, giving the beer tremendous citrus, floral and pine character in both the Aroma and also the flavour. These, couple with the US West Coast ale yeast strain that's sourced from an American Craft brewery means that your finished beer will be crisp and clean with an amazingly expressive malt and hop character exactly how it should!

Our APA pours a light copper with a fluffly white head, initial caramel and biscuit aromas give way to a heavy floral and citrus note inviting a sip. On the palate the malt character again balances the grapefruit and pine character nicely from the Centennial and Columnbus adding complexity and flavour, a balanced bitter finish makes this the perfect session beer.

Makes 40 pints at approx 5.6% ABV

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